in "Love"

by The Jet Age

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released October 27, 2009

Greg Bennett: Bass
Pete Nuwayser: Drums
Eric Tischler: Stuff

Special ghost vocals on "Lead Me Where You Dare" courtesy of D.J. Wade

Recorded, produced, and mixed at Eric's Basement in Silver Spring, MD ( by Eric, who simply could not have done it without the incredible support of Danni, Dash, and Nola.

Master @ WexTrax Mastering Labs by Rob Wechsler * Designed by El Jefe Design

All songs written by Eric (BMI) in '08, except "We Were Shameless" (music by Greg and Eric) and "I Couldn't Tell You" (music by Eric and Pete) (C) 2008; (P) 2009, Sonic Boomerang Records

Love to: The Kyle Sowashes; David Gedge, Terry de Castro, and Jessica McMillan; Rob Weschler; Steve Rogovin; El Jefe; Tony Ross; Michael Abate; the Golden-Eared Writer's Club; Adam Tischler; Greg Bamford; Chris Staros; Rob Blackwell; KEXP; the Caribbean; and Greenland.

Eric and Greg use G&L guitars and basses and Solid Gold FX ( pedals because they deserve them. Eric uses SDG Vintage amps ( and Lava cables because he'd be foolish not to.

Sonic Boomerang Records SBR-09



all rights reserved


The Jet Age Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC's the Jet Age are a critically acclaimed power-trio about whom writers say things like, "[T]he Jet Age manages to mix the hyper jangle of the Wedding Present with the cruise-control melodies of Swervedriver and the heaven-scraping majesty of the Who circa 1970" (The Onion) and "a heart-pounding rocker … all of the riffs are stellar." (Pitchfork (8.0)) ... more

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Track Name: I'm Starting To Wonder
I am the stars in the sky and I watch
as you crawl back to bed.
Illuminated by moonlight,
there is no wrong, there is right,
there's only day and night.
I can feel the road
beneath my feet
but I know I'll be turning around
'cause I've got promises I must keep,
but they're starting to wear me down.
Yeah, they're wearing me down.

I loved you like sunrise,
now I'm starting to realize
that I'm tired of the compromise,
every kiss another lie.
Now I'm starting to wonder:
Could I love another?
Because it feels like the dream has died,
but here I am, and I'm still alive.

I saw her and I couldn't turn away.
I thought of you, and I let the image fade.
I thought, "Oh, God, don't let me feel this way."
I thought, "Oh, God, is love the absence of shame?
'cause I'm feeling no shame."


I can hear the road singing to me now,
songs of a new life in another town.
But I know I'll be turning around,
because I've got promises I must keep,
but they're wearing me down.
Track Name: You Were Electrified
Your car is black like oil
and it carries you through the streets
like a snake.
I don't want to alarm you, girl,
but lately you've been keeping me awake.
I have these dreams of you, alone
between cold, cold, cold sheets.
Then I have the same dream,
but this time you're with me.

You're so alive,
you're electrified,
yeah, I'm amazed
when I realize,
as you put your hand
between my thighs,
that you wanted me
the way that I wanted you.

When we first met, you know, I almost came clean.
Said I'd seen you before, you said
you were glad to have been seen.
And when we first spoke
it was half past 10 and
when we kissed it was quarter to two.
Though you went home with your friends
I knew I'd be seeing you soon.

You were so alive,
you were electrified,
yeah, I was amazed
when I realized
as you put you hand between my thighs,
that you wanted me
the way that I wanted you.
Track Name: We Were Shameless
I come to you borne on waves
I couldn't help myself.
In bed we're tectonic plates: Irresistible.
We're burning like comets in the sky
and I'm wondering why
my life seems so far away.

My addiction is easy to see:
She's lying next to me.
Is love a dependence on an uncontrolled substance?
What's the difference?
I was dying of thirst
and she brought a chalice.
Yes, I've got a home
but in her bed we're building a palace.

Sometimes you know what you want
and you get it.
Sometimes you wake from a dream
and you never forget it.
First date in a public place,
we were shameless.
The first time was against your car
you hiked up your dress.


If compulsion trumps reason,
how can passion be treason?
If love changes like seasons,
then what can I believe in?
Track Name: I Couldn't Tell You
You're young and you're beautiful,
and so was she.
But it's not about youth or beauty:
It's the future versus history.
There's me and her,
and now there's you and me.

I couldn't leave her
until there was you.
I couldn't tell you
but we need the truth.

I thought I knew what I wanted
and so did he:
A mother, wife
someone who understood duty.
But the bond became a leash,
and then a noose
and now that I've found you
I'm gonna get loose.
Track Name: Sunday Morning
Sunday morning, in bed with you.
I've got to go now, they'll be home soon.
There goes the phone again,
he wants to talk to you.
Sunday morning, in bed with you.

But we don't move;
we don't know what to do.
Paralyzed and in love with you;
what happens if I stay with you?

Well, it feels like I'm trapped in amber,
floating in your bluebell, honey, ever after.
Once more? Don't be such a tease.
Excuses make poor ruses,
they'll see right through me.
Track Name: It Could Be Brand New
It could be brand new
if I left her for you.
Free from the tyranny of history.
Contempt replaced by mystery.
Yeah, you could rescue me;
all I've got to do is set myself free.

But is this love?
And do you know what that means?
Because you thought that you
loved her
and now you think that you love me.
But I love the way this feels,
I just want it to be real.

It could be brand new
if I left her for you.
But I've got so much to lose,
but I want to be with you.
Track Name: I Don't Care How You Feel Anymore
A gun or a knife,
I don't know what's worse.
A husband, a wife
how does a vow become a curse?
I don't care how you feel anymore.
No, I don't care how you feel anymore.

I want to fly in a better dream,
in skies I've never seen.
I want to rest in unencumbered peace.
I'm leaving you, I shall be released.

No, we can't start again.
It's been seven years and
I can't just pretend
that I don't know who you are,
that I don't see the scars--
and I don't care how you feel anymore.
Track Name: Your New Life Awaits You
You say you don't love me any more,
well, I say you're lying,
you can't look me in the eye.
Truth is, you wish life could be easier.
Well, nothing would please me more,
but easy's not me, so

your new life awaits you.

Sometimes you've gotta
lie in your bed,
You can follow your heart or you can use your head.
It's been seven long years and I've suffered, too.
You wanna go?
Well, why would I keep you?
Track Name: Ask "Why?"
Well, I must go, it's time for us to part.
And as I leave you now it's like I'm
leaving my own heart.
But love is vast, love is wild and love does thirst.
And though I leave for love,
you know, the leaving does still hurt.

Ask why the wind blows so cold.
Ask, "How does love grow old?"
I answer, "I don't know.
I don't know."

Son, I'll love you even past my death.
Daughter, you're with me in my every breath.
And just as every storm must reach its end,
you will see me soon, just don't ask me when.
Track Name: Lead Me Where You Dare
I didn't need a lover,
didn't want you for the night.
I needed a change in direction,
I wanted you in my life.
Now every love song, well,
it could be ours;
you give me the moon
I'll give you the stars.

I don't know what love is any more
and I don't care.
I only know that I'm with you now;
lead me where you dare.

I don't want to be your mistress,
don't need to be your wife.
But I want you here in the morning,
and I need you with me at night.
Now, every love song, well,
it could be ours;
you give me the moon
I'll give you the stars.

I don't know what love is any more
and I don't care.
I only know that I'm with you now;
lead me where you dare.