by The Jet Age

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released September 12, 2006

Greg Bennett: Bass
Pete Nuwayser: Drums, percussion
Eric Tischler: Guitars, vocals, keyboards

Recorded and mixed by Eric at Eric's Basement in Silver Spring, MD
Mastered by Bill Wolf

Speedometer by John Brodkin (
Airport by D. Wade
Design by Eric and Shane Bowie

Thanks to: Dave Meyer, Chuck Moss, John Brodkin, DLG and TWP, Tony Ross, Shira, Shane, and, of course, our patient, patient wives (and, where applicable, kids).
Contact us at

Sonic Boomerang Records SBR-07



all rights reserved


The Jet Age Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC's the Jet Age are a critically acclaimed power-trio about whom writers say things like, "[T]he Jet Age manages to mix the hyper jangle of the Wedding Present with the cruise-control melodies of Swervedriver and the heaven-scraping majesty of the Who circa 1970" (The Onion) and "a heart-pounding rocker … all of the riffs are stellar." (Pitchfork (8.0)) ... more

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Track Name: Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose
in the glow of a rose twilight
you know it won't last long
Rain is coming down to take you away
back to where you belong
what you thought you would never see
A home, a hearth, family
A hundred feet below
as you climb
if you could just touch down
before you die

And I know that you've got a bleeding heart
And I know that you've got the royal blues
But I was straight with you from the start
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

Black clouds
beating on a window pane
make it easier to take
the sounds that we don't make when there's nothing
nothing left to say
Is that the road
singing you a sad, sad song
or is it just laughing
He said, "I've got just what you need
you're gonna get it from me."
Track Name: Ride On
The way you drive, I dunno
it's like you come alive
and the weight of the world
is just another burden that you leave behind
But a trail of broken hearts
makes a sad parade
Why can't you just settle down
Are you so afraid

Well, I remember when the thunder struck
your eyes were wild and your
body shook
And, after so many miles
I wonder how you look
and if you still value what you took from me

Write 'em down
another name, another one horse town
They can't find you
if you don't want to be found
They can't find you
but you've gotta go underground
They can't find you
but you can't make a sound


I wanted to give
you needed to take
You needed to sleep
so I stayed awake
You had a thirst
I thought I could slake
I had a heart
didn't think it would break


So ride on.
Track Name: Denny and Michelle
It's 4 a.m.
and we're all alone
The others have gone to bed
I guess they got too stoned
And the only sound
is the sea 'gainst the sand
It's calling out to me
but I can't understand

I always knew you'd be
the death of me
You drew me in
and stole the breath from me
I died alone
and no one wept for me
I'd do it again, my dear
if you'd let me

It's 4 a.m.
and we're all alone
The others have gone to bed
I guess they got too stoned
And the only sound
is the sea 'gainst the sand
It's calling out to me
but I can't understand
I thought I heard a warning
then you took my hand
You touch it
to your skin so I would understand
Track Name: Slope
The summer nights grew longer before my eyes
and suddenly it was fall
and it was like I hadn't seen you at all
and we can never go back
The quiet life's the life for me
I'll die quietly
But that's a lie
God knows I don't wanna die
Don't let my boy
see his old man cry

If I can't change for you
then I can't change at all
My life defined by slope
delineating a free fall

The grass shrinks
from cooler breeze
and murmurs half-hearted pleas
that it knows no one will hear
kinda reminds me of me
There was a spark in your eye
only to find it can't be returned
Have you resigned yourself
to your loss
Me, I can't forget how it burned.
Track Name: Dry
I'm dry as the desert
and you're dry, too
You can't quench me
and I can't satisfy you
Well, I called to the clouds
and I howled at the moon
I was calling for rain
I was calling for you

And all I got was sunshine
on a cloudy day

Well, I went to the yards
took a walk on the tracks
Wondered where you had gone
and if you'd ever come back
Well, I've bloodied these hands
baby, digging for gold
I'm getting tired, baby
I'm getting old
Track Name: I Gave Up on Justice and Reason
Don't tell me
that there's no use in trying
Don't tell me
that you just can't go on
Don't tell me that these trees
didn't grow from no seeds
Don't tell me that you're laying
down and dying

'Cause I
have seen a setting sun
and a cold grey moon
and a winter's frost
And I
will not leave you
no matter what they say
no matter what they do

So I gave up
on justice and reason
and got drunk
with hate on my mind
'Cause hate can't be stopped
and hate can't be bought
not I'm taking back
what's yours and mine
Track Name: Out of Sight
She said
"I think it's easier now
or I'm too tired to fight
The days are longer
now that you're around
and we still hunt at night"
She said
"You're not the only one
trying to get it right."
That's as close to a prayer
as I'm gonna get
baby, you're out of sight

Well, you came on strong
And you held me tight
Said, "This is where you belong."
Baby, you're out of sight

One day
you'll hear a silver creek
call out your name
call you to its banks
to sing a song for you
This song, well
it's just the same
it's just another way
to give thanks
for everything
for everything you do


So come a little closer
now that you're mine
I'll be your four-leaf clover
you'll be my valentine.
Track Name: Call My Name
The city sweats in the August heat
and so do I as I
slip from between your sheets
Down on the street
girls shake what they've got
The boys are calling out for more
I know just what they want

Oh, does everybody know
yours isn't the bed
that I call home
Oh, but it's not the same
and I can't let you go
I need to hear you call my name

For tonight
let's say you're mine
and I'll pretend there's no one
waiting in your line
When we're through
I'll wash you from my skin
crawl back home, and pray
she doesn't ask me where I've been.
Track Name: Big Deaths, Little Deaths
when the wind calls you home
leaving me alone
I'll will try to do as you'd have me do
But there's a midnight sea
calling out to me
sucking me in
Are you at peace
Is it a sweet release
Are you cold, afraid
still trying to breathe
I see summer's bones
in the barren trees
Now you're gone
does this world still hold a place for me

So come on, come on, come on
and set me free
I love you, I'm dying
I love you, you're killing me
You're dying, I love you
You're dying, I love you
don't leave me

Summer blooms in your room
And I peel you slowly
in the underwater afternoon
You're a salty sea
swallowing me
sucking me in, inexorably
You're a gold beach
on which I recline
you're on your back
your embrace serpentine
Such a quiet peace
after a sweet release
breathless from racing
to reach the peak.
Track Name: Please Come Home Now
You've got a restless heart
and it beats, beats, beats in time
to the summer storm
Your skin is cold and your lips are warm
and you kiss, kiss, kiss me hard
and tell me that this time
you will not let me go

Please come home now

Your hand rests on my thigh
as we make our way south
to meet the sea and sand
I swore I wouldn't cry
but your eyes are closed
and I can tell
that you've already gone and left me behind.