Destroy. Rebuild

by The Jet Age

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The latest long player from the critically acclaimed (Pitchfork, Onion, Big Takeover) DC trio, who’ve toured the US, UK and Canada with The Wedding Present and on their own, and shared stages with The Constantines, Adam Franklin (who guested on the band’s last record along with Ride’s Mark Gardener), David Kilgour, Ladyhawk and others.


released August 28, 2015



all rights reserved


The Jet Age Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC's the Jet Age are a critically acclaimed power-trio about whom writers say things like, "[T]he Jet Age manages to mix the hyper jangle of the Wedding Present with the cruise-control melodies of Swervedriver and the heaven-scraping majesty of the Who circa 1970" (The Onion) and "a heart-pounding rocker … all of the riffs are stellar." (Pitchfork (8.0)) ... more

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Track Name: Don’t Make a Sound
I wanna ride with you to the other side, while the world’s still wide and the sky’s still blue. I don’t want to hide—it could be brand new; things can change if we want them to (and I do). We said it once, it’s always been true: you’re for me and I’m for you. Lying in bed I could hear you sing. Times like this I think we could do anything. Come back to bed and take off that gown. The kids are asleep, don’t make a sound.
Track Name: I Wrote You This Song
Went down to the BC, trying to waste some time; saw you dancing to the slow songs so I got in line. When you put your hands on my hips, it felt like I was flyin’, and when you put your mouth to my lips I knew you would be mine. I wrote you this song so you’d know it hadn’t been so long that I could forget how it was when we first met. And that time won’t come ‘cause you struck me dumb and I still love you like my heart’s on fire and I always will. Bought a home that needs fixing, but you know that we’ve got time. And sometimes some reminiscing makes it easier to find the will to lift your hands, remember what you want, to love the one that you’re with, to cherish what you’ve got. And I sing so you will know my song. And I sing so you will sing along.
Track Name: It Always Starts With a Bang
It always starts with a bang and then it ends with a hush. You think you know the name of the game then you find that you’ve been left in the dust. If I could leave a trail that you could see then I would call you out and summon you here to me. So if it’s always the same how come it hurts you so much? You thought you’d keep above the fray, then find you yearn for that human touch.
Track Name: It Cuts Both Ways
In the dying embers I finally surrender; sometimes we forget what we need to remember. So pull back the sheets and slide in with me, and tell me the truth at the count of three. You know those words cut both ways, baby. And now that we’ve said all that needs to be said we can have it all, right here in our bed.
Track Name: Who Will I Sing This Song For?
In the days of wine and roses I had the hair and I struck the poses—I laid the maidens 1-2-3. It seemed the light was always golden—my tales were always bold and I knew one day I’d sing them for you. In the time of the apple’s falling, heeded a voice that I heard calling; turns out Eden’s full of treacherous con men (and temptation’s a bitter fruit). I got more than I bargained: a shooting star that missed the target; followed it, led me away from you. In the winter of my discontent—my eyes dim and my body spent—I wrote myself this sad lament. Cast adrift for an unknown shore, who will I sing this song for? Where did the time go? Did it go with you?
Track Name: In Time, All Want Will Cease
They say in time all want will cease. Is that what I want—an end to dreams? ‘Cause it feels, sometimes, they’re the only things holding me up—dare I cut the strings? My hands they shake as I put out the matches that ignite the flames that keep me enraptured. But I want to bathe in the oils that inflame me. Seduced and betrayed, by my own will I’m captured. Come, be still and talk with me about the things you hope will be.
Track Name: Hand Upon the Throttle
Went out to count the city lights; thousand and I lost my head. You’ve gotta know how to pick your fights and when to lay down in your bed. This tale ain’t a new one; call it a message in a bottle from a guy who went down with his hand upon the throttle. Set adrift on a sinking ship I made my way to the bottom. Just another dude who was laden with the lessons that life taught him.
Track Name: I Figured It Out
Eventually, I followed you out the door and walked the streets we used to roam. Sometimes I listen and sometimes I learn; never knew you like that before. When I heard you howlin’—I didn’t know what it meant. This time I was listening—I figured it out as you left. So when you come back to me, have a list of all these things: things that you want, things that you can’t help, things that you need, things that have been in doubt.
Track Name: The World Is Bigger Than My Two Hands
I had a dream: I heard you scream—I leapt up to see what was wrong. I couldn’t find you, I checked for the kids and they were gone. The world is bigger than my two hands, I’m not a leader, I’m not a hero, I’m just a man. But if I can’t save it then who can?
Track Name: Epilogue
Picture a picture better than this, then ask yourself how can it exist? It’s not enough just to wish, but we can start with a kiss.