Domestic Disturbances

by The Jet Age

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released January 10, 2012

Greg Bennett: Bass
Pete Nuwayser: Drums
Eric Tischler: Guitars, vocals, keyboards, percussion

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Eric at Eric's Basement in Silver Spring, MD.



all rights reserved


The Jet Age Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC's the Jet Age are a critically acclaimed power-trio about whom writers say things like, "[T]he Jet Age manages to mix the hyper jangle of the Wedding Present with the cruise-control melodies of Swervedriver and the heaven-scraping majesty of the Who circa 1970" (The Onion) and "a heart-pounding rocker … all of the riffs are stellar." (Pitchfork (8.0)) ... more

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Track Name: I Am an Agent
I pull out the stops
when I tell them the big lie.
And I stop the clocks
when I say my goodbyes.
I don’t choke on the lines
when I close the sale,
but I caught my reflection and noticed I’m pale.

I am a black hole,
but I used to shine like the sun.
I am an agent;
I used to be someone.

I broadcast the messages,
I send out the codes.
I await the signal that says
I can come home.
But my cover’s slipping:
pointed questions are asked,
and I keep on thinking,
“This mission’s my last.”
Track Name: I Want To Touch You Again
You sing for the children,
why don’t you sing for me?
We used to stay up all night;
now all we do is sleep.
I want to take you dancing,
steal away to the beach,
lie down on the sand and
do as we please.

I want to touch you again.

The embers are guttering;
we must find the breath
to breathe light into darkness,
life into death.
I’ve got so many questions,
I don’t know where to start.
I want to tell you I miss you,
’though we’re not apart.
Track Name: Hey Captain
Hey, Captain,
why you giving me the runaround?
I been looking for you all my life
and you can’t be found.
Sometimes it feels like the night won’t end,
sometimes it feels like it’s my only friend.

Everybody knows you’ve got to
shed a little blood.
Everybody knows you’ve got to
get down in the mud.
I’ve been sailing insatiable seas for
far too long.
Dismantle the altar,
I think something’s gone wrong.

I’m sick of climbing up the
same old walls,
misreading the signals and the calls.
Sometimes it feels like the night won’t end …
Track Name: Left For Dead
I can see that I’ve grown distant in your gaze.
And it feels like we haven’t
been in touch in days.
I would speak if I knew what to say.
I’m here; do you want me to stay?

Don’t want to get over you,
don’t know what you want me to do.
Don’t want to be left for dead,
strung up by things left unsaid.

Free of this? Well, there’s a cost;
I want things that I gave up for lost.
I would speak …
Track Name: Change I Can Believe In
I’ve heard
your promises
and I’ve learned
not to trust
your mouth
full of ashes,
your silver tongue turned rust.
The things we leave
echo inside
my head.

Change that I
can believe in
is change I can see.
You haven’t changed
at all
so now I’m thinking
about what I need.

know well
that words are cheap
and it’s not
the promises
that you keep,
the things
we leave
unsaid …
Track Name: I Want You
Everybody wants you
and I think that
I want you, too.
So come over,
and come quickly.

I want you
to come home,
I want you here with me.

My hands know every curve
and they know just what to do.
So come over …
Track Name: I Can Still Make You Laugh
Honey, you pick all the
wrong fights.
You’re the one who
summons the long nights.
I’m always wrong
and you’re always right.
Hold your tongue,
maybe I won’t bite.

I don’t want to
crawl my way to the top;
the fall feels like
it won’t stop.
Sometimes it seems like
all we do is talk
and I just can’t talk any more.

I know it
takes two to build these traps;
once they spring, you can’t turn back.
Well, honey,
can’t we do
better than that?
Sometimes you wanna cry,
but I can still make you laugh.
Track Name: Sometimes
I forget that you’re beautiful.
I forget that you’re kind.
I forget that you love me.
I forget that you’re mine.

But I’ve decided
I want for nothing more
than to be by the side
of the woman I adore.

I can’t wait for the end,
to know I’ve loved you all my life.
The journey’s long
and we have so far to go;
that’s why I made you my wife.

But I’ve decided …

So kick off your heels,
we’ll shoot out the lights,
drink to our good fortune
and unfettered nights.
Track Name: I Won't Forget
I forsook the comfort of fate
and made my peace
with the notion that God’s an idea
that can’t rescue me.
And I grappled with hubris and rage and inadequacy.
Conquered lies with truth and honesty.

But I won’t forget
how close I came
to letting them win,
to forgetting my name.

I have a boy and girl I need to teach them to fight;
they live in a world that won’t distinguish
between wrong and right.
Sometimes it’s hard to see
in the glare of the shocking lights,
to know what you’re worth
and to value the things you love,
they make up your life.
Track Name: Home
Sometimes it’s a sandstorm,
sometimes it’s a snowstorm,
girl, I just can’t get found.
I’m listening for your voice,
faint amidst the noise;
girl, I can’t hear a sound.
And I called,
and I wept,
and I wept and I called your name.
And I called,
and I wept,
and then I heard you say:

Ooh …

Sometimes a hall of mirrors,
the sirens calling me nearer
and I feel lost and alone.
Then I hear your voice,
rise above the noise,
finally calling me home.
And you called,
and you cried,
and you cried as you called my name.
And you called,
and you cried,
and then I heard you say:

Ooh …