What Did You Do During The War, Daddy?

by The Jet Age

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released February 8, 2008

All songs written by and (C) 2006, 2007 Eric, BMI,
except "Now We Are Three" written by and (C) 2007 Greg and Eric

Greg Bennett: Bass
Pete Nuwayser: Drums, percussion
Eric Tischler: Guitars, vocals, and keyboards

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Eric in the fall of 2007 at Eric's Basement in Silver Spring, MD.

Mastered by Chad Clark at Silver Sonya.

Cover Illustration by Laurence Campbell (www.getcampbell.com)
Designed by Chris Pitzer and Eric.

Very special thanks to Laurence, Chris, Chad, Josh at Fanatic, the Fake Accents, Julie Ocean, DLG and JMcM, Adam Franklin and Seth at Nicodemus Agency, Vicki at Black Cat, Steve at Hood Booking, Burns at Iota, the Golden Ears Writer's Guild, Action Music, and Greg at Solid Gold SoundLabs.

Dedicated, with love and gratitude, to our families.

You can reach us at info@thejetage.net and visit us at www.thejetage.net

Sonic Boomerang Records SBR-08



all rights reserved


The Jet Age Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC's the Jet Age are a critically acclaimed power-trio about whom writers say things like, "[T]he Jet Age manages to mix the hyper jangle of the Wedding Present with the cruise-control melodies of Swervedriver and the heaven-scraping majesty of the Who circa 1970" (The Onion) and "a heart-pounding rocker … all of the riffs are stellar." (Pitchfork (8.0)) ... more

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Track Name: Ladies, Don't Cry Tonight
Ladies, don't cry tonight;
your men will come home,
give them time.
there is still life,
and we must cling to it
though others must die.
And should you be all alone
come the sunrise,
still, life must go on.
Track Name: If I Had You Then I'd Still Want You Now
Sunday came and you went out flying,
down to town past the graveyard, sighing.
Rolled with the boys
in the clover and ivy.
Come on out, girl,
it's time that you tried me out.

I hear you calling and I'm falling now.
I love your hands,
your eyes, your lips, your mouth.
I swore I'd get you,
girl I had to wear you out.
If I had you then I'd still want you now.

We're in bed and the kids are cryin'.
Stay where you are, it's my turn
to try and
soothe them to sleep,
tell them it's thunder and lightning.
Keep the bed warm
'cause I've been waiting all night.


... and when you sleep
I watch you sleep
before I close my eyes.
And, when you were young,
wish I'd been there
to watch you rise.
Track Name: Dance
Boys all want the same thing,
girls just want to pin blame
and you,
you don't want to take sides.
Girl, you've got a thin skin
and losers, well, they don't win
This world is gonna eat you alive.

But you can dance,
everyone wants to dance with you.
Yeah, you can dance,
but at the end of the night,
you've still got to choose.

Locked up in your bedroom,
hope the world won't find you,
sometimes it's just easier to hide.
Grace, it's not your strong suit
but truth will always serve you.
Doors will open,
and they'll open wide.

Then you can dance...
Track Name: O, Calendar
You came
with noble abandon: Your hair the corona-the
jet stream!
You soothed me all through
the long night,
turned a fever
into a sweet dream.

I cried,
struck dumb by the sigh: a cool love, still,
in your eyes.
Meanwhile, the world turns,
while we lie together, entwined.

Sweet caprice, I won't forget you.
Providence, divine to me, dear.
To bring you to these shores,
o, calendar, you've blessed me with these years.


Your arms-languorous and lithe-
hold me close, make me feel alive.
Track Name: Shake
I dreamt our boy lost his sight last night,
I think it meant he was dead.
I watched the life seep from his eyes
as I
cradled his sweet head.

And I called your name, and I called your name.

In this dream
you slept with another man;
a stranger shared my bed.
Her body cold,
her lips unknown to me,
I woke choking on dread.


I get to feeling weak
sometimes, like
it's more than I can take
to know I've got your lives
in my hands and
sometimes my hands shake.
Track Name: Dumb
I took the train back home,
back to the wife and kids.
Pretty girls all trying to hide
in plain sight.
And the men had eyes
like sharks': dead save for appetite.
And no one said a word,
so neither did I.

I do nothing
'cause I've got too much
to lose.
I take what I can
just don't make me choose.
But I'm tired of the fear
and I'm tired of the shame
of living in a world
that I'm too scared to change,
'cause this world gave you to me
it can take you away.

They keep 'em dumb, they keep 'em blind.
You keep 'em blind
then you can do what you want.
The world's unfair, even unkind
and you can cry
or you can do what you want.
You can bloody your hands,
bloody your lip,
you can go down fighting or you can
do what you want.
They take what's theirs,
I take what's mine.
I gave up trying,
I just do what I want.
Track Name: I Said, "Alright"
How can I expect things to change
if I won't make the changes?
How can I place the blame
as long as I remain blameless?
These days
You've got a lot to lose
if your ideas are dangerous.
I'm restless, I need to move
but I woke up, they had us in cages.

It's gone too far,
but who's to blame?
It's not a debate, it's a war,
and I
can't take
any more.

I took counsel underground,
in the temple of dissidents.
Told them about my thoughts on the
abuses of parliament.
They said, "We can pass into history,
Slide to the abyss without incident.
Or we can make a stand
here at the edge of the precipice.


They said, "We need
someone who can bring a change."
I said, "Alright."
"We need someone
to become a transforming rain."
I said, "Alright."
"We need someone
who knows that death can bring life.
We need someone to make a sacrifice."
And I thought of you, my darling wife,
and I said, "Alright."
Track Name: Now We Are Three
I was deafened by the crashing of the sea
I was struck dumb
when the wind bent the trees.
I asked you to leave here with me,
you said,
"I'll follow you anywhere
but not on my knees."

You're like a beacon
that's grown faint in the dawn:
Once you guided us,
now you're gone.
"Dawn" means a new day-
for you and for me?
We were four, but now we are three.
Track Name: False Idols
I came to you like a ghost
and hovered above you
like Christ on the cross
And then I said three words,
three words that you never heard,
they were, "Faith," "forgiveness," and "loss."

They say I died for my sins
and it's true.
I died for my sins
but I sinned for you.
But what good can the truth do you?
It's just another
false idol,
and it won't keep you warm at night,
but think of me and I will.

You'll find some papers,
I don't want them read;
some childish screeds,
things better left unsaid.
The last thing I ask of you
is you tell the kids the truth.
Tell them sometimes you've got to lead
if you don't want to be led.


It was dawn
and I was thinking of you.
Wondered, once I was gone,
what would you do.
For a moment I thought I felt it,
and if there's a hell,
well, they built it,
and we tore it down
so you can build something new.
Track Name: Maybe Love's A Transmission
Carry me over the sunrise,
Make me believe in my
beautiful lies.
Ensnare me in promises
I dare not deny.
Embalm me in kisses as I say goodbye,
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

I called to you 'cross the ocean.
Yeah, I called to you and you came.
I dreamt of you without ever knowing,
I dreamt of you without knowing your name.
You called to me across the ocean.
Yeah, you called to me and I came.
I dreamt of you without ever knowing,
I dreamt of you without knowing your name.

I swore that I'd love you forever,
but you're gone and I don't know how.
I swore that I'd love you forever,
but your gone so what do I do now?
Maybe love's a transmission,
broadcast like rays from the sun.
And all you have to do is listen,
it's there long after you're gone,
and you're gone, gone, gone, gone, gone.
Track Name: Ladies, Don't Cry Tonight (Reprise)
Ladies, don't cry tonight.
Your men will come home,
give them time.
there is still life,
and we must cling to it
though others must die.
And should you be all alone
come the sunrise,
still, life must go on.